About This Directory.

Welcome to The Poser Content Directory.

Why a directory you may ask? And why only Poser content? Why not include Daz Studio content as well?

The answer to all three of those questions is the same. A directory helps you to find something or someone. But it is not my intention to exclude Daz Studio Users. In fact, this community is so intricately tied together that we couldn't completely weed out Genesis or Studio users.

My name is Earl Clark and I have been a Poser user since version 2 came out from Fractal Design in 1996. Almost 22 years. Some of you probably know me better from various forums as EClark1849. Recently, I went shopping at several online stores I like to frequent, such as HiveWire3D, Renderosity and of course, DAZ3D. To my dismay, much of the content seemed to be leaning towards the Genesis figures and Daz Studio. This bothered me greatly because I don't use Genesis or Daz Studio. DSON was a non-starter with me. I don't have anything against Genesis mind you. I've just never used it and have no intention of doing so. I'm also not trying to tell anyone else to stop using either Genesis or DSON. If you like it you should use whatever software or figure you wish or choose. But here's the thing, we Poser users are feeling left out and abandoned by the very artists whom we have supported for the last twenty years or so since Poser has been around.

But, here's where the other shoe drops ... it's not true. Well, not completely, anyway. Yes, SOME vendors have chosen to abandon Poser and create content solely for Genesis and DAZ Studio. There's nothing wrong with that, but those vendors are not listed in this directory. Neither are the ones who tout DSON compatibility with Poser. Again, if you like DSON, then please use it, with our blessing. However, we chose to focus this directory on finding, listing, and supporting those vendors who create or have created content for Poser in at least one or more of it's own native formats and still have those products in the online stores. Our goal was not to leave anyone out, but to focus on what helped this community exist and thrive in the first place ... Poser.